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Taking a dark, horrific subject and presenting it as a serialized character comedy is at the heart of Mineral Point, and is what sets it apart from other comedy or serialized television.


The style of the show takes it’s inspiration from superb British comedies like The League of Gentlemen, Little Britain and Psychoville.


Like those shows, the majority of the characters that make up Mineral Point will be portrayed by a core of four actors. Utilizing their unique character and comedy skills, as well as state of the art costume and makeup effects, they will bring the hilariously creepy denizens of this mysterious small town to life.


Shot on location in the rolling hills of Southwest Wisconsin, the show will utilize the main street, farm and rural locations to create an unsettling mood and atmosphere that most folks assume lies under the surface of most small towns in Middle America.


It’s mass murder at it’s most hilarious.


Come visit Mineral Point. 

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