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The Mineral Point High School football team has just defeated their heated rivals in the conference finals. But their dreams of a State championship are marred by the sudden, grisley murders of their two star players.


Sheriff Milton Haynes is desperately trying to solve the most horrific crimes this peaceful Midwestern town has ever seen. As he begins his investigation, we are introduced to some of the towns odd-ball residents; Norman and Martha Haven, the perrenial bickering owners of the Red Rooster Cafe, the Amish brothers Jebediah, Zachariah and Ezekial the Undernourished, the towns twitchy, female auto mechanic Lefty Koos, and Edgar Twillingham, who runs Edgar's Mutant Cow Farm, along with his hired hand Philipe'.


Can Sheriff Haynes solve these gruesome murders before the Regional playoffs?


And who is the mysterious salesman that's "just passing through town"?

Download a PDF file of The Pilot:  Episode One - The Beast Is Loose.     

 (copyright 2015 by Smoking Monkey)

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