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A beast is loose.


The quiet, picturesque town of Mineral Point, Wisconsin is rocked by a series of serial murders. Sheriff Milton Haynes, overwhelmed and understaffed, has to solve them.


Two members of the town’s high school football team have been butchered; hung by the trees in the surrounding woods, eviscerated with their thumbs extracted. The citizens of the small town are beside themselves. Not only are they living in fear, but they’ve also lost two pivotal members of the Pummelin’ Pointers team that are competing in the State Regional Playoffs in a few short days.


The killer's methods lead Sheriff Haynes to believe the town is being terrorized by Pick-Axe Pete, a crazed murderer who has used the same methods to slay young high school boys in Upper Michigan years earlier.  


The Sheriff questions a number of townsfolk, and the trail of clues leads him to uncover some secrets in the small town many people would prefer hidden.


Is Pick Axe Pete on the loose in Mineral Point? Or is there some other dark, forbidden horror that has a more homespun origin?

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